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Austin's Newest Proper Irish Pub

Located in the heart of Downtown

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Locally owned and operated, Foxy’s Proper Pub pays tribute to the inclusivity and community of a proper Irish pub, where friends that feel like family gather to celebrate, commiserate, and enjoy each other’s company after a long day, a long week, or what has been for many of us, a long year.

The bar program is centered around an inviting cocktail list and an expansive Irish whiskey selection encompassing all styles of the spirit put forth from the distillers in Ireland.

We encourage guests to leave their worries at the door and escape into the uniquely familiar comfort of a well-lived, well-loved neighborhood pub and enjoy a lively conversation, friendly hospitality, international sports, and proper banter.

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet” -- William Butler Yeats

All welcome, no reservations required.